COMBO PACKAGE:Lash Training AND Online Ultimate Brow Course

COMBO PACKAGE:Lash Training AND Online Ultimate Brow Course

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PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE WITH SEZZLE (full access to course and kit after your FIRST payment! No need to pay in full to get started)

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Yes we did it! We have combined our famous Online Lash Training course with our '3 in 1' Ultimate Brow Training Course! That means you'll be come certified in Classic, Hybrid, Volume & Mega Volume lash application PLUS become certified in Brow Lamination, Henna Brows AND Brow Tinting!

That means TWO KITS , TWO CERTIFICATES AND 7 SKILLS! Double is always better! Get that bang for your buck girl! 

This course is BEGINNER FRIENDLY and can be taken WORLDWIDE! Learn my techniques, tricks and tips during my program!

Both online courses have many modules, with video demos, hands on exercises and recaps throughout to guarantee your understanding. 

You'll be guided with in-depth theory,  DETAILED video demos specifically recorded by Pretty I.R.L Lash Co's C.E.O, application steps, application video demos, aftercare, and consent forms, and so much more! You will know everything there is to know about Classic, Hybrid, Volume and Mega Volume Lash Application PLUS Brow Lamination, Henna Brows AND Brow Tinting!

You will be provided with a username and password so you can log on wherever and whenever, & with our new training interface you can complete the course on ANY DEVICE (iOS or Windows), track your progress each day, join group discussions and you’ll have a personal inbox! Each student has TWO Months (1440 Hours) from the date you receive your log-in, to complete BOTH 10- hour courses. Afterwards weekly fees will occur. Most students finish each course within 3-7 days.



1. Once you purchase the course, you will receive your student log in via email within 2 BUSINESS Days (please WAIT FOR THE EMAIL)

2. Your kits will be shipped out via UPS within 3-5 Business days and can take up to ONE WEEK to arrive  

3. You CAN begin your course before the kits arrives. The kit isn’t needed until the second portion of the course (You can start the either the lash or brow course first, its up to you)

4. The course is not taught in real time, so you can access and complete it ANY time of the day

5. There are pre-recorded videos, summaries after each module and home work assignments that need to be completed and evaluated by the trainer

6. You will be required to complete hands-on assignments demonstrated in the videos with the contents in your kit, that will be submitted to your trainer via email or text message. You will be provided with a code to continue once your trainer evaluates and approves your work

7. After the completed hands-on assignments, you will be required to show your work on a live model and submit the results to your trainer via email or text message

8. Once your live model is completed and evaluated by your trainer, the course is complete and you will receive a code to access your certificate  

You’ll be provided with a lash training kit AND a brow training kit containing essential products for you to complete the homework assignments and service your clients. The kits are EXPRESS SHIPPED to you OR you can choose the 'Pick Up' option during checkout. You will have 2 Months (1440 HOURS) to complete both 10 HOUR courses (most students complete each course within 3-7 days). After completing the courses and having your work evaluated, and your certificate sent via PDF 


  • ‘Stush Babe’ Volume Lash Trays
  • ’Prenup’ Classic Lash Trays
  • ‘Baby Girl’ Curved Tweezer
  • ‘Fan Girl’ Volume Tweezer
  • Lash Adhesive
  • Glue Rings
  • Lash Tile
  • ’Pretty Prep’ Lash Primer
  • ‘Fluff Me’ Mascara Wands
  • ‘Wink in Pink’ Microswabs
  • Mannequin head
  • Training practice lashes (2 pairs)
  • Lash Fan jars
  • Lash Tape
  • LASH Certificate upon course completion
  • Brow Setting Glue
  • Brow Perming Lotion
  • Brow Setting Lotion
  • Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly
  • Lamination combs
  • Q-Tips
  • Cotton Pads
  • Thread
  • Brow Shaver
  • Eyebrow Pencil
  • BROW Certificate upon course completion
  • Ongoing support

NOTE: Tint & Henna Dye are NOT included in the kit. The training will still teach you AND certify you in brow tint and henna and give you details on the recommended brand for you to purchase your desired colours. 

All students will receive a lifetime 10% discount on www.prettyirllashco.com for all luxury lash supplies!

Take this time to learn 7 NEW SKILLS, grow your business and invest in the most important thing... YOURSELF! Practice, master your skill and come out on top! The world is ready for you!

Register ONLINE, DM or text 647-779-5774