1 DAY- Private One-On-One Training

Pretty I.R.L Lash Co is now offering an 1 Day IN PERSON Lash Training!  After taking our 1 Day course you’ll become certified in Classic, Hybrid, Volume AND Mega Volume! This course is BEGINNER FRIENDLY.

COST: $1200

What makes this course different than our 2 day program?

It’s ALL HANDS ON. Our 2 day program ($1500) covers theory on first day and then Hands-On Training on the second day. 
During this ONE DAY program, theory is taught through our online program which is done on your own time; You will be provided with a username and password so you can log on wherever and whenever before your course date. Afterwards you come in ask ALL of your questions, get a refresher on the theory portion taught to you online and then we get straight to the fun stuff... LASHING!

This is perfect for all my visual learners! The ones who rather see their teacher in action, showing what their teaching, instead of sitting for 4+ hours to just listen and read. This program isn’t less than any of our other programs. It teaches the EXACT same things, just in a different format. I believe you can do the same thing in many different ways... like a recipe! Our 1-Day Training Course is the same great training like our online program and 2-Day program... this is just a mixture of both of them!

During our one on one time, we will go over a theory refresher, placement, proper application, taping, fan making, basic AND advanced mannequin practice and then finally your live model.

This course is ONE ON ONE, meaning its just you and me. You get my full undivided attention and have the comfort of not comparing yourself to another student and you can ask any questions you may have. I will work WITH you and ensure you are learning everything you need in order for you to succeed!

Cut your training time in HALF without compromising your knowledge and training by taking our new Express Lash Course!

Each course comes with a full lash kit stacked with ALL Pretty I.R.L Lash Co products, a 10% exclusive student discount for our website and a certificate; SIGNED, FRAMED and GOLD-SEALED once the course is completed.

How Does it Work?

1. You send your $100 deposit to secure your training date (used towards total cost, the remaining $1100 will be due the day of your training)

2. You’ll receive your student log in to access our online training platform to go over the theory portion of the training. It is presented in video format, slide shows and demonstration videos for guaranteed understanding 

3. The online theory needs to be completed before you arrive to your training day 

4. You come see your trainer on your training date and learn all the hands on lessons (taping, fanning, priming, isolation, placement, application and your live model)

5. First half of the day is learning all the hands on techniques, then you get a 30 MIN BREAK, then come back to the facility with your model to complete your lash set 

6. Your trainer will go over and demonstrate how to prep your client for a full set, then you’ll get your live model prepped with your trainer’s FULL assistance 

7. You get lashing on your live model ! 💕

8. Once you’re lash set is completed to the lash industry standards you’ll be awarded with your certification in Classic, Hybrid, & Volume!

To register DM @pretty.i.r.l.beauty.academy on Instagram or Text 647-779-5774