Frequently Asked Questions


What are your prices for full sets and refills?:

Please refer to the ‘Book Appointment’ link for all pricing.

I want to do a classic lash set but I don’t see it on the scheduler

Unfortunately I do not service classic lash application. Please contact customer service and we can refer a lash tech in your area who can do a classic set application for you.

How do I take care of my new lash extensions?:

Please refer to the ‘How to take care of my Lashes’ tab.

Can I swim, shower or exercise while wearing lash extensions?

You’re free to do whatever you like with your extensions. It isn’t recommended to completely submerse your lashes in water. The first 24-48 hours you CANNOT GET YOUR LASHES WET. During this time your lash extensions are still curing and bonding. If you ignore this step your lashes will fall off within days. If you go swimming, drench them in the shower or sweat during exercise just keep in mind that your adhesive bonds on your extensions will weaken; meaning your lash set won’t last as long. For maximum results try to avoid doing the above. If you DO exercise a lot or swim you will need to cleanse your lashes DAILY to remove any substance sitting on your lash bonds (sweat/salt water/chlorine).

How long will my extensions last?:

There is NO GUARANTEED TIME for your lash set. Retention is based on how YOU take care of your lash set. The moment you leave the lash studio, the lash technician has no control over what you do. Most sets last 2 weeks, with proper care or the use of Retention+ 3-5 weeks. Also, the duration depends on your natural lash cycle AND your skin care routine.

My lash extensions are falling off:

Lash extensions fall off due to improper care. Did you get them wet within 48 hours? Did you sleep on your side/face? Did you wash the dirt/oils off your lashes? Do you take steamy showers? If you neglect the steps given to you by your lash tech your lash set will not last. Please refer to the ‘How to take care of my Lashes’ tab.

Can I wear eye makeup with my lash extensions?:

It is NOT recommended that you wear eye make-up with your lash extensions. Makeup sits at the lash line cause your lash bonds to weaken. If you do choose to wear eye makeup be sure to use OIL-FREE eyeliners & you will need to cleanse them with a lash cleanser NOT PLAIN WATER. 

Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?:

No they will not. If applied properly your lashes will be perfectly fine. With this said, please do your research before you go to any lash technician. Do NOT pull or pluck on your lash extensions or it will cause bald spots and gaps in your lash line.

How long will it take to apply lash extensions?:

The application process takes 2-2.5 hours for a full lash set (lighter sets like the BBG Hybrid Set takes around 1.5-2 hours)

How often should I come in for refill?

It is recommended that you come in every 2 weeks. The maximum amount of time for a set to be considered a refill is 3 WEEKS. If you book a refill past the 3 week mark, YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR A FULL SET, no exceptions. Your lash set MUST BE 40% to be considered a refill, if not you will be charged for a full set. If you wait until the 3 week mark, please keep in mind that you run the risk of not having 40% of your lashes remaining. Book accordingly.

Can I bring a friend?

No. Unfortunately NO guests are allowed unless they are getting lashed as well (must have an appointment booked). This includes friends, spouses, parents, siblings, children and pets.

I got a link in my email to sign a waiver, do I need to sign it?

Yes. If you choose not to, you will not be serviced. You only need to fill it out ONCE and it will get saved to your customer profile.