How Do I Take Care of my Lashes

Retention is based 30%  on the lash tech and 70% on how the client takes care of their set. Here are some steps that can help you educate your client or you as a fellow lash babe on how to care for your lashes!

How to ensure retention:

1. Do NOT brush or get the lashes wet for the first 24-48 HOURS

2. Avoid using ANY oil products on your face. Use OIL-FREE Cleansers and moisturizers

3. Try to sleep on your BACK. If you sleep on your side, that eye will fall out faster than the other. If you sleep on your face, they’ll all just start falling off

4. Do NOT take steamy showers. If you do, keep in mind that your lashes will fall out prematurely 

5. If you work out daily, keep in mind that you will need to cleanse your lashes frequently due to the oil and sweat your face produces 

6. If you have OILY SKIN, you will need to cleanse your lashes frequently 

7. Keep smoke away from your lashes (cigarettes/weed)

8. If cooking, avoid putting your face close to the steam 

7. CLEAN YOUR LASHES. Use the cleanser 2-3 times a week to gently wash off the oils from your lash line. If you don’t, the oils sit and your lashes can fall out within a week. DO NOT JUST USE PLAIN WATER TO CLEAN THEM. USE A CLEANSER.