‘What Now?’ Lash Business Marketing Course


So you took your lash course, you know how to slay a set but you aren’t booked & busy, and you don’t know what to do to give your business that jump start, that boost .... so what now?

I’ve noticed there’s so many of us who’ve spent money, taken a lash course and still have the full kit from training  but don’t have clients booking as much as we’d like or don’t know how to start and make the most out of our business. All these lash courses advertise that you can make ALL of this money but don’t show you how lol. I took my course and learned how to lash but I wasn’t taught the business side of it.. just the talent. Just because you got your certificate doesn’t automatically mean people are going to rush to you to do their lashes, most have a lash tech they already go to, so how do you build your clientele? 


You might have been lashing for a while and hit a plateau; you might need help registering your business, opening a business account for tax purposes, upgrading to using technology, business is slowing down and you don’t know why, you want to learn how to keep your clients and followers excited, or you just need that boost to get your business back up there. 

In 3 months... yes 3 months I have:

  • generated $1500-$1700 each week -reached over 1000 followers (not bought or robots)
  • registered my business as a sole proprietor
  • serviced 126 clients and lashed 197 appts
  • branded my own lash trays, cleansers and lip balms
  • set up payment methods such as Apple Pay, debit and credit cards -created and sent out blast marketing emails
  • found my vendors and branded my own products -learned to calculate promos that benefit BOTH my clients and myself -stay booked a month in advance 

And so much more !

In this course you will:

  • Have your business name REGISTERED and LICENSED under the government of Ontario by the end of the course (I will do all the paper work for you and you will receive the business license at the end of the course)
  • Learn how to open a business bank account and use it to your advantage to claim taxes and get a big return during tax season
  • Have your business verified and searchable on GOOGLE
  • Learn to have a greater instagram presence and legit followers 
  • Have your business cards designed and ready to order 
  • Have  your own pricing list designed and ready to order 
  • Have an online scheduler for your business ready to go for your clients (full training how to use scheduler to its full capabilities)
  • Create and send blast emails to your subscribers (full training on how to create, design and schedule mass emails)
  • Learn how to find your own vendors and how to communicate with them and get your products branded 
  • Learn how to deal with difficult customers and keep your business in good standing and reviews 
  • Learn how to make your brand your OWN and stand out from the rest!

 What do you get?:

This course comes with a FREE debit and credit card reader & POS register software you can use for your business and YOUR business registration/license framed and ready to go