'Tessa' Advanced Training Mannequin
'Tessa' Advanced Training Mannequin
'Tessa' Advanced Training Mannequin
'Tessa' Advanced Training Mannequin

'Tessa' Advanced Training Mannequin

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Pretty I.R.L Lash Co presents "Tessa"! Our NEW, realistic, ultimate training advanced mannequin that will CHANGE YOUR LASHING VIBE FOREVER!

Tessa is a realistic, skin-like, durable mannequin head, which comes with one pair of removable and REUSABLE eyelids. The lashes on the eyelids, mimic the lash line of a real person; which offers you the most realistic practice. Most practice lashes sold are straight, same length hairs which gives you a very basic and unreal view of what it's like to lash an actual person. Our lids move like real lids so that you can practice your taping, layering and other lashing techniques! This mannequin head allows you to apply the extensions, do lash removals and repeat so that you're able to use your mannequin head over and over again!

Tessa won't ever ask you "How much longer?" or say "Omg girl I need to pee". Practice and lash when its convenient for you without the roadblocks. No more doing free model sets to practice, no more annoying practice lash strips and NO MORE STRESS!

Tessa is available 24/7 ANYtime, ANYplace, ANYwhere for you to slay a lash set and keep your lashing skills SHARP during the slow business days.


  • Removable eyelids
  • Real life lashing experience
  • Realistic eyelid movement
  • Layered lash line for realistic practice 
  • Practice ANYTIME

 Each 'Tessa' Advanced Training Mannequin comes with one set of eyelids.

All sales are FINAL. No exchanges or refunds.